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Sour Space Candy CBD Hemp Flower Strain: Get A Brief Here

Sour space candy CBD hemp flower strain is one of the most in-demand CBD flower strains available. The popularity of this CBD hemp flower strain coincides with its unique flavor and CBD content. True to the product’s name, the strain is rich in flavors such as sour and tangy, which are highlighted with an earthy aroma. The hemp flower buds come in different sizes ranging from medium to large, and the light green flowers are flecked with purple and tangerine colors. The sour space candy flower can be sticky and dense due to the huge amount of resin present on the flowers. The high content of CBD in Sour Space Candies is extremely uplifting- as suggested by many people, it relieves the tension in their bodies, calms their minds, and makes them feel very focused. 

A Description Of Sour Space Candy 

A sour space candy is among some of the most beautiful-looking CBD strains. The flower is multicolored with dark orange, forest green, and deep purple hues. While some strains of CBD have popcorn-sized small nuggets, the top-shelf sour space candy CBD flower generally comes in picturesque, large flower buds. 

Genetics Of Sour Space Candy

New strains of CBD are produced by crossbreeding the existing CBD flowers. It gives the breeders the freedom to pick their favorite parts from a bud and combine them to form their very own unique strain of CBD. Sour space candy was produced by cross-breeding early resin berry and sour tsunami. 

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A Sativa dominant hybrid strain, Sour Tsunami is best for unwinding after a tiring day at work. Sour space is among the first cannabis strains specifically designed for its high cannabidiol (CBD) quality. It has a sour and sweet flavor that has greatly contributed to the taste and aroma of sour space candy. 

The early resin berry has played an essential part in making many famous hemp flowers. This strain of CBD flower is not generally sold on its own; rather, it lends its diesel flowers and berries to flowers like a lifter, sour space candy, and Elektra. The early resin berry is great at aiding relaxation and alleviating muscle tension. 

The Sativa-dominant hybrid balance and the sour and sweet flavor of the sour tsunami were fused together with the tension-relieving properties of early resin berry by Oregon CBD. 

The Terpene Profile Of Sour Space Candy Strain

The hemp-extracted compounds that influence the flavor and aroma of a plant are known as Terpenes. If you have ever come across the refreshing, spicy undertones of cinnamon or the aroma of citrus, then you have experienced terpenes. Sour space candy has an incredibly diversified profile. 

The Flavor And Smell Of Sour Space Candy Strain

The citrusy, earthy smell and taste of sour space candy is the kind that reminds individuals of fruits or lemongrass. The sour and sweet notes complement a diesel and skunky-like aroma. The terpenes in the sour space candy have led to a rich flavor that is both delicious and unique. 

If you are recently introduced to cannabis, words like diesel and skunky may sound like words. You will understand how this product got its name when you take a whiff of sour space candy’s mouth-watering yet pungent smell. 

The Cannabinoid Profile Of Sour Space Candy 

The sour space candy is rich in cannabidiol; it contains more than 20% of CBD. The candy flower also contains 0.06% of THC, which will lead to any feelings of dizziness, intoxication, or brain fog. The flower is a Sativa-dominant strain, which means that it boosts natural energy, and it can be used at any given time, night or day. 

The Effects Of Sour Space Candy 

The high CBD content in the sour space candy delivers the full force of cannabidiol’s non-psychoactive and soothing effects. You will initially feel the effects in your head, followed by the rest of your body. Reducing mental unrest is one of the most popular effects of this CBD hemp flower

Within 10 to 15 minutes of vaping or smoking, the uplifting effects of sour space candy will start to kick in. This CBD flower strain encourages full-body relaxation and a focused, clear head. You won’t feel any kind of high induced by THC-rich flowers. If you use the CBD flower in edibles, the effects of the CBD might take up to an hour to even show up. 

Suggested Use 

There are several means by which you can use your CBD hemp flower. Each method has its benefits: simplicity, taste, and portability. Before we go ahead and talk about all the methods, the first thing in vaporizing or smoking hemp is to turn the buds of sour space candy into smokable CBD. 

The most familiar way to break down your flower is to purchase a grinder specially made for grinding cannabis flowers. You can grind your flowers using a spice grinder, but the cannabis-specific products will hold all the flower particles using a mesh screen of fine quality. Once you have some ground-up CBD, you are all set to go. Some of the most liked ways to use a sour space candy flower are below.

The Most Common Ways In Which You Can Use Sour Space Candy 

How long the effects of sour space candy will stay depends on how you consume the product. 


The pre-rolls are just like joints; the flowers are wrapped in paper for use. The difference between a joint and pre-rolls is only that the joint comes pre-rolled. It is best for people who don’t know how to roll a joint or make one. The pre-rolls help people relax without the hassle of making a joint.


A bong and pipe follow a very similar concept. The smoke from hemp is pulled through the water to cool it, and this process also offers filtration. The bowl is removed in place of a carb once the hemp is lit to improve airflow. 


Making a joint involves placing the ground-up flowers on a rolling paper. The papers used for making a joint are different and can be kindled using a lighter; the smoke that comes from it is inhaled from the opposite side of the joint. You can also add filters made of different materials to make these joints to catch any remaining piece of flower, but this is not necessary.


You can make your cannabidiol flower into butter by toasting it first and turning it into vegan butter. You can use this butter to make sour space brownies, cookies, and desserts.


Often made of wood or glass, pipes have a small bowl in which you can put up the ground-up hemp flower. Some pieces may also have a carb, a small hole that assists the direct airflow. If there is a carb present, put your finger over it and ignite the CBD while inhaling at the same time. Once ignited, you can let the carb go and continue to breathe in. 

It does not matter in which form you take CBD flower; the use of sour space candy can put your mind at ease.

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