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Five lesser-known facts about CBD.

Whenever the word “cannabis” or “marijuana” is heard, a person can think only about the two purposes: getting stoned and the medical uses. However, there are various other plethora facts about cannabis that are lost or less known among the common people. For example, cannabidiol or CBD, the second most common cannabinoid in cannabis, has a lot of medicinal properties and doesn’t let you get irresponsibly high. Moreover, it is also the only one of the hundreds of cannabinoids found after years of research on the marijuana plants; the first one is still the THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, which is responsible for the psychoactive effects of weed. Moreover, CBD, derived from marijuana plants that have less than 0.3% THC content, is considered legal on a federal level.


There are many other facts about CBD that most people overlook; thus, we have described here five lesser-known useful facts about CBD to give you reign supreme on your cannabis knowledge.


CBD Counters The Feeling Of High Which THC Induces

CBD offers natural protection against the high you get from marijuana. It acts as the blocking ingredient for the harmful effects of THC, such as messy memory, anxiety, paranoia, and others. Moreover, it counteracts the sleep-inducing effects of THC, justifying the increasing alertness strains of cannabis. In a more layman’s interpretation, we can say that CBD keeps the THC in check, and when CBD and THC work together, they provide marijuana users with a well-balanced high to remember. CBD strains provide more medical benefits to those who need them with almost no THC effects.


Is CBD A Psychoactive

CBD has a great strain to medically benefit people suffering from depression and anxiety with its antidepressant properties. CBD is known to be psychoactive, affecting the mind, as it impacts the CB1 and CB2 receptors, the mood-altering receptors, in your brain and acts as a mood booster rather than intoxicating. Thus, CBD never gets you to intoxication like THC and doesn’t make you high.


CBD Helps In Battling Addiction

Very few people know that CBD indeed helps you fight addiction and is not a dangerous gateway drug. It acts wonderfully on several neurotransmission systems that are involved in addiction and is a potential alternative way to target drug addiction without causing any further addiction. However, there is still a limited study on the treatment of CBD over drug addiction; but the good part is the ongoing studies prove it to work in human favor. When encouraged to use CBD, many drug-addicted humans who used nicotine or opioid, when encouraged to use CBD, have reported an impressive reduction in their longing for the use of dangerous chemicals.


Pets Can Also Get CBD Doses With Proper Research

Several studies and researches have proved that CBD is also helpful in relieving pets’ joint pains, arthritis, and even osteoarthritis. Although the FDA does not approve the use of CBD on pets, it has been acknowledged in general cases that CBD is effective in treating pets’ problems and is even helpful in battling pets’ anxiety. However, many veterinarians are still not backed with CBD products and also need to get your pet checked by a veterinarian if the pet is CBD friendly.


CBD Helps In Regulating Menstrual Hormones

It’s not the recent research about CBD helping in regulating menstrual cramps and mood swings. This godsend gift has been recognized since the 19th century and was rigorously used by Queen Victoria to relieve her from menstrual cramps, stomach bloating and stabilize her mood swings. Thus, CBD is widely accepted as a tremendous menstrual pain reliever by women of the world.



CBD has terrific health benefits for humans as well as pets. In addition, there are many more positive effects of CBD other than the ones mentioned above, from which the ordinary person is unaware. Learn more about CBD and its products from Dopey Conqueror. If you want to get a CBD product, visit our website, Dopey Conqueror, and get a wide range of all types of CBD products.


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