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Can CBD Pre-rolls Be Prepared At Home?

CBD pre-rolls are perfect portable options to smoke the hemp flower. It is great to have for your nicotine-free smoking breaks and travel adventures. While many people would choose CBD vapes instead of CBD pre rolls due to their portability, some would go for the other ways to get the dope.Also, some people would hesitate to smoke hemp, but they can’t ignore its benefits. 

So, if purchasing CBD prolls is something you can’t afford to do, you can rather make your own pre-roll. But is it possible to make one for yourself at home? 

Anyone can make CBD pre-rolls at home, and the process is simple. You can purchase all essential ingredients at any local tobacco store. The process is short, simple, and money-saving. 

You’ll also be able to blend the ground hemp flower with other strains for a customized smoking session. Let’s find out what you need:

  • A Hemp Flower (ground trim or small buds if you’re looking for a cheap alternative)
  • Pre-roll Cones 
  • Rolling Tray
  • Herb Grinder

How to Make CBD Pre-roll Joints

Making CBD pre-roll joints over a rolling tray is ideal for cleaning everything up easily. People using a small grinder can put ground flowers into the tray for pouring to get more workspace. 

  • Grind hemp flower
  • Fill the bottom up to 1/4th to 1/3rd of the cone and pack it
  • Fill the left out of the cone and complete its packing
  • Pinch the cone and twist it to get a seal

That’s how you get a made-at-home CBD pre-roll. But people looking for a pure brand like smooth rolls can try the following method to enjoy their goodness. 

Follow these steps to start rolling that perfect CBD pre-roll:

Grind CBD Hemp Flower

Unless you’ve got the right quality grounded flower, you’ll have to grind the cannabis perfectly before putting it into that joint. Start by breaking the cannabis with your fingers. Make sure to choose dry hemp, as you would easily be able to pluck and grind it. 

Get it into the grinder after breaking down CBD hemp flowers into small portions, get it into the grinder. It breaks down the plant further until you get a finely grounded mixture. People who don’t have a grinder can chop off the weed with scissors. Don’t miss this part, as you want to enjoy CBD pre-roll in its best form.

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Make The Pre-Roll Crutch Or Filter

With the crutch, tip, or filter, you ensure that the CBD mixture doesn’t fall from the joint while smoking. With the crutch, you also prevent burning while holding the joint. You won’t need the filter with a pinched tip, but smokers recommend it to get that perfect CBD pre-roll. 

You can make a crutch by using a thin cardboard piece or a visiting card. Make folds towards the cardboard ends. You can then roll that piece for ideal joint thickness. 

Fill The Pre-roll With CBD Hemp

Begin filling the rolling paper. Fill it with shaking, and you can use the filter. After filling the paper with the needed amount of CBD flower (around half a gram or 1 gram), you can start shaping the roll with your fingers. 

While selecting the paper, you’ll find that different paper types and flavors are available. Cannabis smokers prefer using hemp papers as they are strong and burn without changing the joint’s flavor. 

Fold The CBD Pre-roll

You can roll it after properly shaping and loading the CBD stuff. Pinch the joint between the fingers and move it back and forth. With this step, you get the final shape for the CBD pre-roll. 

Roll The CBD Pre-roll

With this step, you know whether you’ve made the perfect CBD pre-roll or not. You can also tuck the unglued paper part in the CBD pre-roll. Use its glued side for holding the other end of the roll with some moisture.

Start From The Filter As It Guides The Paper To Roll Itself

After tacking paper on one end, you can work your way down the joint, sealing and tucking it from each end. 

Finish The CBD Pre-roll

You can pack the roll end for a smooth burn and complete the CBD pre-roll-making task. Use a pen for this task, but anything can work. Use a drawstring, a shoelace, or a stick’s end if it is in a bind. You can close its tip after twisting it if you wish to smoke the CBD pre-roll later. It ensures that the hemp stays fresh.

Add A Little Creativity

After you know the basics of rolling a CBD pre-roll, you’ll notice many ways to move the joint. You can show some creativity by rolling small and large joints. People who are good at rolling joints also form an art through their joints. 

Tips To Roll Homemade CBD Pre-roll

If you’re never rolled a joint before, you can follow these tips for improving your rolling:

Good Quality Paper – The type of paper you’re using will affect your roll. Hemp and rice are the best papers available. Wood pulp paper is available everywhere, but it doesn’t create a good CBD joint. Hemp paper rolls easily lits and stays for longer.

Choose the right paper size – People who smoke by themselves can choose a small piece of paper for CBD pre rolls mini. You can select larger paper when you’re smoking with people with higher tolerances. You should consider it when selecting their size. 1 ¼ paper is viewed as the standard for more than three people. 

Grind first – Whether you’ve got the best grinder or bought a discounted one, the primary grinding goal is to make the hemp mixture smooth. No matter which grinder you use, you should do it first. 

Slowly arrange the joint while you become confident, and with more joints, it’s best to organize joints slowly rather than speeding through the whole process. Take the time to do it properly, ensuring that the cannabis is distributed evenly. 

Don’t be impatient while rolling and taking a little time. You must ensure that the cannabis works inside the paper and creates a tube to form the joint. Though this would be difficult to learn at first, you can make better smoke by following it. 

Also, beginner CBD smokers are doubtful about “does CBD pre rolls get you high.” The short answer is no; they won’t. However, the properties of hemp flowers are relieving, and their effects are ideal for pain relief as well.  


There are many other ways to enjoy a homemade CBD pre-roll. Make sure to enjoy these homemade pre-roll joints responsibly. The hemp flower smells and looks similar to marijuana, so be cautious while enjoying it. For the best experience, light your CBD pre-rolls like a cigar. Initially, you mess things up, but you’ll get that perfect homemade CBD roll after a few tries. If you want to skip the whole process and get the best CBD roll, we suggest checking out Dopey Conqueror’s CBD pre-rolls section. You get the purest, and the quality best CBD pre rolls in different sizes at Dopey Conqueror. To enjoy CBD prerolls worry-free and without creating a mess, you can shop for CBD pre-rolls and CBD mini pre-rolls and slowly feel its effect as you smoke all its goodness. Dopey Conqueror offers CBD pre rolls for anxiety and depression, Delta 8 CBD pre rolls, and many other pre-rolls with potent CBD effects. We also provide CBD pre rolls delivery at your destination.

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